A new path for Platfform

A new path for Platfform

As a team, we have never been afraid to mix things up. So, when we sat down together to discuss the evolution of our brand, there was a uniformed ‘it just felt like the right time’ echoed by our team. 

Our rebrand represents our beginning, our every day and our future. It represents our people and our clientele. But most of all it represents our willingness for adaptability, agility and change.  

We caught up with Stuart, our Managing Director along with Priscilla and Charlotte from our very talented Graphic Design team on what this rebrand represents and signifies. This is what they had to say! 


Does Platfform as a name represent anything in particular? 

The double FF in the Platfform name represents the ‘Furniture’ and ‘Fixtures’ in the term FF&E which is widely used within our industry. This is our specialty, providing furniture solutions to our clients to help them create an ideal working environment in which their staff and business can grow. If you also consider some of the key definitions of a Platform, it can be said that we consider what we do as creating a stage (or Platform) on which our clients can perform. By creating the best ‘stage’ our clients can give their best performance. 

What does this rebrand signify to Platfform? 

Having had the current branding for four years now, we have grown and evolved as a company and a team over that time. Our core values are the same, but the business has needed to adapt and expand our knowledge in line with the changes that are happening continuously within the working office environment. As we evolve, learn and adapt, we want that to be reflected in our branding. Replacing the highlighted FF in red and replacing this with a dynamic symbol, this gives us flexibility in how it can be utilised within the many branded elements of our company, reflecting the flexibility required within todays modern office. I believe this modern and dynamic rebranding will also be more engaging with our audience as we continue to push forward with social media content across a variety of platforms’ 

How did the logo come to life? 

The logo could be perceived in many ways in relation to linking it to ‘furniture’. The overall shape is the same as a nut or bolt that holds the furniture together. The profile of the F’s in the logo could represent the profiles of components used to construct the furniture. The different planes within the shape represent the way the furniture elements link together within a product. It just works as a visual and conceptual representation of us! 



Where did you get your inspiration from? 

Firstly, the idea was to extract the two FF’s from the old logo and begin from this point creating a structure/object, something that connects to the product design world, that is built between the client and Platfform. 

How did the logo come to life? 

The shape of the FF was built on top of a cube, the stereotype of a solid figure. Creating an almost optical illusion, the aim was to make the two Fs appear from the shape in a subtle and yet engaging way. 

How did you decide on the colour palette and pattern? 

The choice of colours in relation to the old branding, was to diverge from the red creating a fresh look for the company. Therefore, blue and orange were selected as the primary colours, two vibrant and complementary tints that give a dynamic and modern touch. 

Talk us through the process and how you worked together for this? 

We collaborated with Stuart to shape an image that not only suited the company in its present stage, but also looking at what it would like to achieve in the future.  



Where did you get your inspiration from? 

Choice of material, natural products and natural forms. A combination of architecture and furniture, giving a strong supportive form. A cohesion of ideas and collaboration between the team creates connectivity, feeding into the interconnected design. To me the logo reminds me of furniture joints, which is a visual reminder of what the company does. 

How did the logo come to life? 

Several versions of the logo were put forward, both with and without the word Platfform forming part of the logo. By creating mock-ups, we workshopped how various logo colourations and typefaces could be used in various situations. Stuart had definite ideas of the feeling he wanted to evoke from the branding, preferring strong squared off text rather than narrow or rounded typefaces. He felt this would convey the strength and security of the brand and the products they work with, plus the dependable character of the company. 

Talk us through the process and how you worked together for this? 

A joint effort between all four members of the graphics team, workshopping with members of Platfform to get feedback on what was liked/disliked in each design. A second stage developed these designs further and two of four designs were then proceeded with. Several iterations of these two designs and possible additional branding ideas were worked on before the final logo was chosen. 

Want to check out more? Head to our website, it’s got a fresh new face. Check it out here!